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Tanzania is one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world. As well as being home to the highest mountain in Africa, Tanzania also has the largest concentration and variety of animals in the continent. The country has over 120 different tribes and ethnic groups, and with a roughly even mix of religion between Christianity and Islam, it is a fascinating and rich cultural experience.

The population of Tanzania is around 58 million people, nearly half of which are under 15 years old. This next generation faces many challenges, such as poverty, prevalence of diseases like HIV and Aids and gender inequality. The situation is especially challenging for young girls, with Tanzania having one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world.

Like in most African countries, soccer is the number one sport and a passion for many people.

Join Us as a Volunteer at the East African Chipkizi Cup!

Are you ready to be a part of something bigger than the game? The East African Chipkizi Cup, Africa’s #1 premier youth and grassroots football tournament, is searching for dedicated volunteers to join our team. With over 300 participating teams from across Africa and even international squads, this is your chance to contribute to an extraordinary celebration of talent, sportsmanship, and unity.

Why Volunteer with Us?

Experience the Excitement of Football

Dive into the exciting world of football and see amazing skills and determination from talented young players with different backgrounds. Feel the thrill of the matches and enjoy the beauty of the game.

Play Your Part in Success

The success of the Chipkizi Cup rests upon the collective efforts of passionate volunteers like yourself. Your role will be pivotal in ensuring the tournament runs seamlessly, creating an indelible experience for participants and spectators alike.

Lifelong Connections

Connect with fellow football enthusiasts who share your passion for this remarkable sport. This is your chance to establish lasting friendships, network with professionals.

Skill Development

Gain hands-on experience in event anagement, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. The skills you acquire as a volunteer will prove invaluable in both your personal and professional journey.

Exclusive Benefits

As a gesture of appreciation, volunteers will receive complimentary meals and beverages during the tournament. Additionally, transportation will be provided to and from Arusha, ensuring your convenience and comfort.

Volunteering Roles and Tasks

Extend a warm welcome to teams and visitors, manage hospitality zones, and ensure everyone feels right at home. Guide the teams and provide them with the best possible experience, making them feel truly welcome.
Information Ambassadors
Be a guiding light for attendees, assisting them with schedules, directions, and any queries they may have. Also, assist with scorekeeping and data entry tasks.
Media and Communication
If you like talking to people and using social media, you can be part of the team that shares news and promotes the event. You might help make pictures, write posts for social media, or even help livestream matches online. There's a lot you can do!
Event Operations
Contribute to the behind-the-scenes magic by assisting with setup, managing facilities, and ensuring the safety of participants and guests.
Play a crucial role in making sure everything runs smoothly during the tournament. Make sure equipment, football fields, supplies, and people are all working together well. As an assistant, you'll help plan and make sure the event happens just right.
Other Tasks
We are always on the lookout for volunteers willing to assist in any way possible. This could involve helping with security, maintaining clean and inviting venues for the teams, and more. If you have specific skills or the desire to help in any capacity, let us know.

Join Our Volunteer Team Now!

Are you ready to etch your name in the annals of football history? The East African Chipkizi Cup requires your enthusiasm and dedication to elevate this tournament to new heights.

To register as a volunteer and explore the myriad opportunities available. Reach
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Come, be a driving force, soak in the excitement, and contribute to the legacy of the East
African Chipkizi Cup!