Frequently asked questions

Practical information

Transport to Arusha from Nairobi. Do you have preferred transport companies or shuttles we can approach? What is the price per person one way or return?

As for transport most teams hire a bus and come with it. It is possible to get on shuttles from Nairobi (Impala Shuttle, Rainbow Shuttle) to name a few leaving from parklands. It is about 25,000 - 30,000 Tanzanian Shillings per person one way.

What are the requirements in terms of documentation at the Tanzania - Kenya borders. Do we need a Yellow fever Certificate and Covid 19 immunization?

Yes, it is required to take Yellow fever shots to enter Tanzania. The best thing to do is to get those shots already in your home country before you reach the border. The cost will be higher at the border (approximately TSh 30,000 per person). The Covid 19 protocols are constantly changing. Thus, it is important to check the status before you travel. Having taken the Covid 19 shots helps to protect yourself and others.

While in Arusha how will we transport ourselves from the hotel to the football playing grounds? Is there a shuttle company for us to do this service?

We do not partner with other shuttles to transport the teams. But it is very easy to rent or hire a dala-dala (matatu) to transfer the team to the event. Most of the participating teams who play at the tournament already have a bus or transport that they bring with them for the entire tournament.

We have players who are U9 but have the ability to play in U13. can it be possible?

A young player may play in an age category above but, an older player can not come down. We recommend that if you move a young player to play an age group up is ok but not 2 ages above for the safety of the player.

Apart from a particular team winning the cup, are there any other gifts that could be provided to participants as a way of motivating them?

Motivation is of plenty. International and local agents and scouts will be present looking for top talents. Opportunities for scholarships. Player pathways.

When are the fixtures coming out?

Fixtures will be coming out end of November.

About the different jersey colors to avoid color collisions while at the pitch?

Each traveling team should bring a minimum of 2 sets of jerseys. Due to scouts and agents, it is advised thatwhen you assign a number to a player. Makes sure that he or she maintains the same number throughout thetournament:

A - Ease of identification

B - Keeping records

C - Some of the games will be aired live and thus will cause less confusion.

What preparations do you have as the management for the different players with medical complications for instance a player with asthma?

We have a first aid team in the ground, an ambulance on standby, and access to a hospital. You as coaches and managers need to do due diligence and have a record of your teams and players regarding medical conditions, allergies etc. In case of emergency we can assist but, it is the team/club responsibility to also cover for medical emergencies. FSA and the Chipkizi Cup is not responsible! We take care and go to great length for the safety and security of all participants and supporters.

Will refreshments (water) be provided for the players while at the pitch?

If you read the manual every team is responsible for there food, drinks, accommodation etc. If a sponsor isgenerous we shall share. But, it is up to each team to provide for themselves. There are water taps on thefields...

Does Future Stars Academy arrange hotels?

No, FSA does not arrange hotels. You are responsible for contacting and arranging the hotels directly. FSA does have a list of hotels that we work with. You can read the list here. Most hotels in USD are 4 stars, the ones for 30,000-40,000 Tanzanian Shilling range 3 stars and the others are just basic. All hotels will be within30 minutes of the venue.

Do you have any other interesting and touristic venues?

The Arusha National Park 10,000 Tanzanian Shillings.

Snake Park 4,000 Tanzanian Shillings for adults and 2,000 for a children

Swimming places at hotels 5,000 up to 10,000 Tanzanian Shillings per child.

If you would like to organize a Safari or tour contact: or

About the Tournament

What is the major aim of this tournament?

The aim of the East African Chipkizi Cup is to "CELEBRATE TALENT", an opportunity for youth to showcase their skills and talents to potential scouts and agents. An opportunity for cultural exchange and integration, a platform for the development of young players.

How many teams are participating?

We are proud to say that the Chipkizi Cup is the biggest football tournament for the youth in Tanzania. At theEast African Chipkizi Cup in 2022, we had 302 participating teams and around 4,500 children/youth.

What are the dates of the tournament?

- Monday 11th December – Sunday 17th of December – for U17 & U20 Boys & Girls

- Friday 15th December – Sunday 17th December – for U7, U9, U11, U13 & U15 Boys + U11 & U15 Girls

Which countries are welcome at the East African Chipkizi Cup?

The East African Chipkizi Cup embraces diversity, social inclusion and unification through football. The EastAfrican countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda we together we welcome the World toArusha, Tanzania - Karibu - Welcome

What are the age categories?

Boys: U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17 and U20.

Girls: U11, U15 and U20

Information venue

The East African Chipkizi Cup will be played at different venues in Arusha, depending on the age groups of the participating teams. The venues, St. Constantine International School, Braeburn International School, Aga Khan University, UWCEA and TGT.

What is the current rate?

Visit to see the current rate of the day.